We Were the Lucky Ones review: A heartening story of Holocaust survival

Watching a TV show, movie, or documentary about the Holocaust can be a daunting experience, and Hulu’s new limited series We Were the Lucky Ones is no exception. The series, based on Georgia Hunter’s historical novel, tells the story of a Polish family forced to scatter across multiple continents during World War II. While the subject matter is undeniably agonizing, those who watch this moving series will find it to be enlightening, educational, and ultimately rewarding.

The drama unfolds in 1938 in Radom, Poland, where we meet Halina Kurc (Joey King) and her family. The Kurcs are a thriving family, with successful businesses and bright futures ahead. However, as Hitler’s ambitions and antisemitism spread across Europe, their lives are thrown into turmoil. The premiere episode carefully builds a sense of impending danger, culminating in the German invasion of Poland and the Kurc family’s descent into a nightmare.

Inspired by the true story of Hunter’s ancestors, We Were the Lucky Ones explores the far-reaching effects of the Nazis’ reign of terror. The Kurcs are forced into factory work, sent to work camps, and separated from their loved ones as they struggle to survive. The series highlights not only the physical dangers faced by the family but also the psychological toll of living under constant threat of death.

Joey King delivers a powerful performance as Halina, infusing her character with passionate defiance and intense yearning for reunion with her family. Lior Ashkenazi is equally compelling as Sol, Halina’s steadfast father. Despite the heavy subject matter, the series manages to find moments of humor and humanity, particularly in King and Ashkenazi’s performances.

While the series touches briefly on the struggles faced by Jewish survivors after the war, it ultimately serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable horrors. We Were the Lucky Ones is a story that deserves to be told, and Hulu’s adaptation does justice to the source material.

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