UnPrisoned review: Delroy Lindo is so good it should be illegal

In Yvette Lee Bowser’s poignant new comedy UnPrisoned, the magnetic Delroy Lindo shines as Edwin Alexander, a recently released ex-convict in Minneapolis. His daughter, Paige (Kerry Washington), reluctantly agrees to pick him up from his transitional housing, but she’s hesitant to let him stay with her. Edwin, however, is determined to make a fresh start. Lindo’s portrayal of Edwin is captivating, conveying a complex mix of regret and hope with just a smile and a few words.

Inspired by the life of TV writer Tracy McMillan, UnPrisoned explores the impact of mass incarceration on families through the lens of the Alexander family. Paige, a marriage and family therapist, starts her days with live sessions on Instagram, sharing life advice while struggling with her own relationships. Despite her initial resistance, Paige eventually allows Edwin to move in with her and her son, Finn (Faly Rakotohavana), leading to humorous and heartfelt moments as they navigate their new dynamic.

The series delves into Edwin’s challenges as a Black man with a criminal record, highlighting the obstacles he faces in finding a job and rebuilding his life. A trip to Alabama to retrieve his birth certificate sheds light on the generational trauma that has shaped his life. Lindo’s chemistry with Rakotohavana is heartwarming, and Brenda Strong shines as Edwin’s ex-wife, Nadine.

While UnPrisoned follows a somewhat predictable path and some comedic moments may feel forced, the show’s intimate portrayal of one family’s experience is a rare and valuable addition to television. Lindo’s performance is a standout, anchoring the series with his charisma and depth. UnPrisoned is a touching and humorous exploration of family, forgiveness, and the enduring effects of past mistakes.

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