UnPrisoned review: Delroy Lindo is so good it should be illegal

Delroy Lindo shines in the captivating new comedy series “UnPrisoned,” showcasing his charismatic presence as Edwin Alexander, a recently released felon in Minneapolis. The show, created by Yvette Lee Bowser, follows the story of Edwin’s reentry into society and his complex relationship with his estranged daughter, Paige (Kerry Washington).

Edwin’s character is richly portrayed by Lindo, who effortlessly conveys years of struggle and redemption with just a smile and a few words. Paige, torn between fear and longing for her father, reluctantly allows him to move in, setting the stage for a series of comedic and heartfelt moments as they navigate their complicated family dynamics.

“UnPrisoned” cleverly blends comedy with deeper themes, exploring the impact of mass incarceration on families and individuals. The show’s ensemble cast, including the talented Faly Rakotohavana as Finn, adds depth and humor to the narrative, while Brenda Strong’s portrayal of Edwin’s ex-wife, Nadine, adds a spicy and engaging dynamic to the mix.

While the series follows a somewhat predictable path, it remains a refreshing and heartfelt exploration of the Black experience, offering a rare and intimate look at one family’s journey toward healing and reconciliation. Lindo’s performance is particularly notable, bringing a magnetic charm to the screen that is hard to resist.

“UnPrisoned” is a welcome addition to Hulu’s lineup, offering a mix of humor, heart, and social commentary that is sure to resonate with audiences. Lindo’s portrayal of Edwin is a standout performance, showcasing his talent and charisma in a role that is both challenging and deeply rewarding.

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