Twisted Metal review: Peacock’s video-game adaptation misses the mark

Twisted Metal, Peacock’s new series based on the PlayStation video game, attempts to blend dark humor with post-apocalyptic action but struggles to find the right balance. Starring Anthony Mackie as John Doe, the show follows his character’s journey through a wasteland, scavenging and selling goods to survive. Alongside Mackie, Stephanie Beatriz and Thomas Haden Church add depth to the cast, but the real standout is Samoa Joe, who physically portrays the iconic Sweet Tooth character.

While the show tries to emulate the success of Deadpool by mixing genres, it falls short due to a lack of compelling characters and a coherent storyline. Twisted Metal lacks the iconic characters of The Super Mario Bros. Movie and the depth of The Last of Us, leaving it feeling shallow and uninspired. Additionally, Mackie’s attempts at humor often fall flat, and the excessive use of Reddit-esque jokes and mean-spirited humor detracts from the overall experience.

Despite its flaws, Twisted Metal does have some redeeming qualities. The show’s visuals are impressive, and the action scenes are well-executed. Beatriz shines in her role, and there are moments of genuine emotion sprinkled throughout the series. However, these moments are few and far between, and overall, Twisted Metal fails to live up to its potential.

In the end, Twisted Metal struggles to find its footing as it tries to blend humor, action, and drama. While it has some entertaining moments, the show ultimately feels disjointed and lacking in substance. For fans of the video game series, Twisted Metal may offer some nostalgic appeal, but for others, it may fall short of expectations.

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