Platonic review: Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne elevate this blithe buddy comedy

It’s no surprise, given the success of Ted Lasso, that Apple TV+ is expanding its lineup with feel-good comedies centered around middle-aged characters reassessing their lives. Joining the ranks of Lasso, Loot, Shrinking, and The Big Door Prize is Platonic, a charming comedy that reunites Neighbors co-stars Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen as former best friends who reconnect as adults. While the show’s premise may seem ordinary, Byrne and Rogen’s undeniable chemistry elevates the material, delivering laughs and heartwarming moments.

Platonic follows Sylvia (Byrne) and Will (Rogen), who stopped speaking after a disagreement about Will’s ex-wife. When Will’s divorce is announced on social media, Sylvia, encouraged by her husband Charlie (Luke Macfarlane), decides to reach out. Despite their initial awkwardness, a night out reignites their friendship, providing a much-needed distraction for both. Sylvia, a stay-at-home mom, questions her decision to leave her law career, while Will, a brewmaster, faces pressure to make a business deal that goes against his values.

Initially, Platonic appears to explore the tired trope of whether men and women can be friends without romantic entanglements. However, the show quickly moves past this to focus on the refreshing dynamic of a platonic friendship between opposite-sex buddies. Freed from romantic tension, Will and Sylvia engage in silly, carefree escapades, offering each other a sense of freedom and acceptance. The series light-heartedly explores their relationship, occasionally touching on the discomfort it causes others in their lives.

Byrne brings a bubbly playfulness to Sylvia, contrasting with her character’s more reserved nature, while Rogen infuses Will with his trademark humor and warmth. Their banter feels genuine, making their on-screen friendship believable and endearing. Despite its charm, Platonic struggles at times to sustain its premise over 10 episodes, resorting to some contrived plotlines. However, the show’s likable leads and lighthearted approach make it an enjoyable watch, even if it lacks deeper insights into its characters.

While Platonic may not offer profound revelations, it succeeds in providing a fun, entertaining experience. With its strong leads and breezy humor, Platonic is a delightful addition to Apple TV+’s lineup, offering a pleasant escape for viewers.

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