Mrs. Davis review: Betty Gilpin is divine in Peacock’s nutty nun drama

“Algorithms love clichés, and there’s no cliché bigger than the quest for the Holy Grail — the most overused MacGuffin ever.”

This is the premise of Mrs. Davis, a new Peacock series that follows a nun, Sister Simone (played by Betty Gilpin), on her quest to find the Holy Grail. Set in Reno, Nevada, the show introduces Simone, who lives a peaceful life at a convent but refuses to engage with Mrs. Davis, a powerful AI program. Simone blames the algorithm for her father’s death and rejects its attempts to reach her. However, Mrs. Davis offers Simone a deal: If she can find and destroy the Holy Grail, the program will shut down for good.

Simone’s quest leads her to reconnect with her estranged mother, Celeste (Elizabeth Marvel), and former boyfriend, Wiley (Jake McDorman), who leads an anti-Mrs. Davis resistance group. Alongside Wiley’s friend JQ (Chris Diamantopoulos), they embark on a series of adventures to find the Grail, encountering various challenges and revelations along the way.

The show’s plot is delightfully bizarre, with elaborate set pieces and lively action sequences. Gilpin shines in her role, portraying Simone with a perfect blend of humor and emotion. McDorman and Diamantopoulos also deliver standout performances, adding depth to their characters.

Despite some pacing issues and delayed reveals, Mrs. Davis is a fun and engaging series that offers a fresh take on the quest for the Holy Grail. Grade: B+

The first four episodes of Mrs. Davis premiere Thursday, April 20, on Peacock.

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