Friends stars reveal which mementos they stole from the original set

The long-awaited Friends reunion is finally here, and in a new PEOPLE cover story, the stars reflect on their time on the iconic sitcom and share some interesting mementos they took from the set.

Jennifer Aniston, known for her role as Rachel and her iconic hairstyle, revealed that she took one of Monica’s dresses from Courteney Cox’s wardrobe. She still wears it to this day, describing it as having “tiny little flowers with a black lace V-neck and a little cap sleeve with a little slight ruffle of black lace.”

Cox, on the other hand, admitted she’s not one to collect things but joked that she might “steal something tonight.”

Lisa Kudrow took Phoebe’s rings and wore them to the reunion, while Matthew Perry nabbed a cookie jar with a clock face to give to Kudrow as a gift, joking that she once thought it was a real clock. Matt LeBlanc took an “I Love Friends” license plate frame and put it on David Schwimmer’s car. Schwimmer, on the other hand, confessed to taking a little ‘Professor Geller’ placard from his office at the museum and the couch from the set.

The Friends reunion special hits HBO Max on May 27th.

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