Drew Barrymore gushes over Facts of Life cast during surprise reunion: ‘You gave me a blueprint’

Lisa Whelchel, Nancy McKeon, and Mindy Cohn joined forces to celebrate Drew Barrymore’s birthday on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

On a special episode dedicated to her 49th birthday, Drew Barrymore was surprised by the reunion of the stars from one of her favorite TV shows, “The Facts of Life.” Lisa Whelchel, Nancy McKeon, and Mindy Cohn joined Barrymore to reminisce about the impact their characters had on her.

Barrymore expressed her admiration for McKeon’s character, Jo, noting how she inspired her with her strength and toughness, particularly for her role in “Charlie’s Angels.” She also highlighted Whelchel’s character, Blair, as a symbol of empathy, showing that people can be intimidating but still be friends. Additionally, she praised Cohn’s character, Natalie, as a moral compass, guiding her through right and wrong.

Barrymore reflected on how “The Facts of Life” resonated with her, especially as someone who didn’t grow up in a traditional family structure. The show’s portrayal of self-reliance and female friendship deeply impacted her and provided a blueprint for her own life.

The reunion brought heartfelt moments as Barrymore expressed her gratitude to the cast for their influence on her life. The full episode aired on CBS, showcasing the special bond between Barrymore and the stars of “The Facts of Life.”

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