Bryan Cranston says Malcolm in the Middle movie reunion talks are happening: ‘That would be fun’

The actor expressed a strong desire to revisit the Wilkerson family two decades later.
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After years of speculation, it appears that Malcolm in the Middle may finally be making its way to the big screen.

Bryan Cranston, who played the lovable Wilkerson family patriarch Hal in the beloved early-2000s sitcom, revealed in an interview with E! News that talks of reuniting the cast for a movie have been ongoing.

“There have been discussions about the possibility of a Malcolm in the Middle reunion movie,” Cranston disclosed. “We had such a fantastic family dynamic on the show, and I would definitely be interested if there was a compelling idea – something like, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to explore where this family is 20 years later?’ It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, but it would be a lot of fun.”

The Emmy-winning Fox series, which aired for seven seasons from 2000 to 2006, starred Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek as the parents of five mischievous boys: Francis (Christopher Masterson), Reese (Justin Berfield), Malcolm (Frankie Muniz), Dewey (Erik Per Sullivan), and Jamie (James and Lukas Rodriguez). Muniz, as the titular character, often broke the fourth wall to share his teenage struggles with the audience, including issues with family, friends, and school.

In October, series creator Linwood Boomer confirmed to EW that a reunion was still a possibility. “We’re in talks about it,” Boomer stated. “We all think it would be a fun project if we find the right concept. It would probably move along faster if everyone wasn’t so busy.”

Boomer’s remarks followed Muniz’s hint during a Fox News interview that he and Cranston were enthusiastic about the idea of a revival. Muniz revealed that Cranston was taking the lead in developing the script and getting the project underway, saying, “There’s potential for something to happen.”

Cranston has been vocal about his eagerness to revisit the series over the years. In a Reddit Q&A in 2016, he explained that a reboot would depend on the fans’ interest.

“I’m not sure if or when it could happen. We’d have to gauge the fans’ interest,” he wrote. “But perhaps. It would be enjoyable to work with all those people again.”

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