Bargain review: Buckle up for this bonkers K-drama binge

Noh Hyung-soo (Jin Sun-kyu) arrives at a remote hotel in the mountains, expecting to meet a high school student for a sexual encounter. However, his plans take a horrifying turn when he discovers he’s stumbled into an organ-harvesting operation. Within the first 25 minutes, Hyung-soo finds himself strapped to a gurney while strangers bid on his kidneys.

As the bidding reaches a staggering sum, an earthquake hits, leaving the hotel in ruins. Hyung-soo, along with Joo Young (Jeon Jong-Seo) and a few surviving bidders, must navigate the wreckage while evading the ruthless Hee-sook (Park Hyoung-soo) and his enforcers, who seek to take advantage of the chaos.

Bargain is a tense and suspenseful series, shot to look like one continuous take, enhancing the sense of claustrophobia and urgency. Despite the dire circumstances, the show maintains a dark sense of humor, particularly through Hyung-soo’s misadventures in his bright orange rain boots and boxer briefs.

The characters are morally complex and self-serving, adding layers of intrigue to the fast-paced narrative. Jeon Jong-Seo’s portrayal of Joo Young’s cool composure in the face of danger contrasts with Jin Sun-kyu’s portrayal of Hyung-soo’s frantic desperation, creating a dynamic tension between them.

Overall, Bargain is a compelling and gripping series that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. While the ending leaves some questions unanswered, the journey is exhilarating and well worth the watch.

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